Make your startup visible

Film A Story will help you reaching out your target audience by putting in place the right video strategy.

  • Video Strategy:¬†Creating right video for your audience
  • Video online streaming: Communicate with your audience live! by streaming on-line video events
  • SEO Video Strategy: You need a 10 thousand or 1 million targeted viewers? This solution is for you.
  • Explanation Video: Explain your clients how you are delivering business for them using animation tools and storytelling approach.
  • Trainings Video: Learn your team once and good. Do not repeat message 1000, just do it once and save your time.
  • Interviews Video: Special Set of Interviews. Hollywood Set is our Goal.
  • Photo sessions: Dedicated photo sessions.
  • Advertisement Videos: Advanced video production for TV and YouTube Campaigns.
  • Virtual Reality: Advanced Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Production.
  • YouTube Channel: Creating content and building audience.

Rafal Solis