The all-in-one social protection for entrepreneurs

PayrollPlus developed a salary payment tool and unique hiring solutions for entrepreneurs and companies, who want to have a legal & social protection for their own salaries or the salaries for further employees.

With PayrollPlus you do not need a daily allowance insurance for illness/accident, occupational pension insurance or OASI/AHV registration, you will automatically profit from the collective insurances of PayrollPlus and you are entitled for unemployment support (ALV) even if you have an AG/GmbH.

Who can benefit from the solutions of PayrollPlus?

You are starting your new company. Time and money are scarce but you also need to care about your own social protection as well as the hiring of people to make the dream happen.

Still you will need to setup the process and bear the risks if your company fails.

If this is your situation, the service of PayrollPlus will cover the social protection of your staff and if wished also yours as a company owner. PayrollPlus pays the salary and can be the legal employee, no hassle with insurances, authorities and administrative burdens anymore.

Fully covered:

  • Illness and accident daily allowance insurance at 80% of the average salary without any health check
  • Occupational pension provisions 2nd pillar (can be chosen between basic or supplementary level)
  • Possibility to apply for unemployment benefits (ALV) even if you have an AG/GmbH
  • OASI/AHV contributions are settled and paid by PayrollPlus
  • No risk of false self-employment (if you hire your external suppliers/contractors through us)
  • Decide between unique employment models for you and your staff

Larissa Moser

Head of Sales & Marketing